Winds of Donbass in Rostov-on-Don.
On 22 July in the Rostov regional art museum has opened an exposition from Donetsk People`s Republic. “Winds of Donbass” was organized by Donetsk art-exhibition center “ArtDonbass”. 
Y. Zorko, G. Tyshkevich, A. Dereza, T. Ponomarenko-Leverash, Y. Danilov, V. Edokimov, L. Ternovykch, S. Smetankin represent landscape paintings. These works express longing to reunite Human and Nature through the harmony of colour, plastic features. Painters show their sincere love to Donetsk land.
Minister of culture of Rostov region greeted guests of the grand opening: “We are always ready to support our ethnic countrymen in cultural sphere. Images of a steppe, or a happy family on Melic Agabekyan`s “Baking pitta bread” tell us, that it is not over, there is still hope. People continue to believe and hope for peace. Nation lives as long as culture exists”.
According to the head of Rostov department of Russian union of artists Oleg Ignatov, picture “Raid on the Cumans` tower” by people`s artist of Ukraine Vladimir Shendel resemble nowadays war situation in Donetsk. The honoured guests of exhibition such as people`s artist of Russian Federation and academic Gennadiy Provatorov, honoured artist of Russian Federation Alexey Kurmanayevskiy, professor Alexander Prischepa and others also greeted the “Winds of Donbass” very friendly. 
Director of AEC “ArtDonbass” Ekaterina Kalinichenko has presented to the Rostov regional art museum a painting “Lavra in Svyatogorsk” by Vladimir Shendel. In return, director of museum Svetlana Kruse presented a book “Russian pictorial art of XIX-XX centuries”.
- We hope, that by touching through these paintings to the beauty of our hospital land, you would like to visit it by yourselves, - said to the audience Ekaterina Kalinichenko.