Still life. Beauty in simplicity.
Still life is a kind of examination for each artist. This modest piece of art with plain content reveals all skills of it`s author: habit of building composition, contrasts of light and shadow, perspective, colour etc.
The exhibition “Still life. Beauty in simplicity” represents paintings from Donetsk, Kharkiv and Rostov-on-Don. Classic works of famous painters – people`s and honoured artists of Ukraine – adjoin original and groundbreaking pieces of talented beginners.
Sensual and evanescent beauty of flowers is the favorite subject of still life genre. Artist`s glance catches both brittle and graceful half-transparent rosebud, and vertiginous plenty of colour in blooming petals.
Brightly decorative and illusory alike real one`s are flowers` images on pictures by Alexander Lysov. Works of Valentina Telichko impress with delicate tonal relations, texture of painting and unusual for still life dynamic. It seems like bunches of field flowers feel too tight on a canvas and they are longing explode with luxuriant wave into outer world.
Exquisitely modest colours and plastic expressiveness are features of still life by Gennadiy Zhukov. Fallen leaves and mushrooms on the pictures by Grigory Tyshkevich remind about transience of a moment and human`s life.
Larisa Dzharty created her own world in still life paintings. An intimate and peaceful “Tea under the roses” associates with Wonderland`s heroes. Viewer can fantasize about the White Rabbit wearing waistcoat, who is hurrying for cricket with the Queen of Hearts.
“Still life” by Dmitriy Chilikyn  is full of sunlight: it slides the background, plays in the glass of wine and vase. The whole space of a canvas seems to be sunlit and filled by tender summer mood.
There are modest field flowers and noble garden ones, posh spring and summer bunches and decent winter and autumn compositions, a pure beauty of nature and char of human-created world in masterpieces of Donetsk artists. Works of young painters such as Tatiana Komendant, Daria Moscalenko and Maria Shubina are also represented at the exhibition.
ArtDonbass” invites you to stop your glance at the common things, find it`s beauty and originality,
see magnificent in simple and modest.