15/05/2012 to 15/06/2012

   Donetsk will plunge in the Crystal fairy tale from May 15 to June 15, 2012. It will be the international exhibition “Crystal fairy tale in Donetsk”. During a few weeks Donetsk citizens and visitors of the city will have a unique opportunity to touch the magic world full of bright colors and unexpected surprises. 

Opening of the Kharkov-Donetsk exhibition.

23/12/2011 to 04/02/2012

   On December 23 it was a festive mood in the air in spite of the freezing weather. Municipal art gallery produced a new present for Donetsk citizens - the exhibition of Kharkov masters’ works. At the exhibition opening were guests from Kharkov - chairman of the sculpture group of the Union of Artists of Ukraine organization in Kharkov, a famous sculptor Felix Betliemsky as well as Dmitriy Iv, Valeriy Pirogov, Said Ahmadi and Elishai Sajyad.

1st Exhibition PAINTERS

26/08/2011 to 09/09/2011
The first project of the art center was the exhibition "34 artists", timed to coincide with the opening of the gallery, who introduced the guests artwork 34 leading artists of the region.