"Winds of Donbass"
On the 5th of June at the main exhibition area of Sochi – Art museum – by art exhibition center “ArtDonbass” was opened an exposition “Winds of Donbass”. This the first city of RF  which offered collaboration in exhibition activity.
Deputy mayor of Sochi Helena Mashynistova, director of AEC “ArtDonbass” Ekaterina Kalinichenko, director of the Art museuf of Sochi Pyotr Chrisanov, Donetsk artists Helena Grigoryeva and Viktor Evdokimov opened the exposition.
Different genres, expressive means and stylistic devices represent Donetsk school of pictorial art, which history lasts for more than 50 years. It’s participants are different generations of artists and creative family unions.
The main purpose of this exhibition is to represent art of Donetsk People’s Republic to citizens and guests of Sochi. It consists of 82 paintings created by 37 master artists and four young painters from Donetsk art school.  These pictures, graphic works, sculptures and  pieces of arts and crafts show the beauty of Donetsk region: it’s sea and chalk mountains, grasslands and boundless fields, impressive urban and industrial sceneries, centuries of history, soft poetry of women’s characters and warm humor. They are all different and unique. Each creation has it’s own features, but all of them have love to the motherland in common.
 This project is supported by the Ministry of culture of Donetsk People’s Republic,
municipal administrations of Sochi and Donetsk,
the Art museum of Sochi, “Patriotic forces of Donbass”
and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Donetsk People’s Republic.