We invite you to visit the “ART Mariupol 2012” exhibition from February 9 till March 5, 2012
   Work of 12 authors brightly present the creative pulse of Mariupol artists. Mariupol – the birthplace of world famous master of light Arkhip Kuindzhi, gave us unique, hard-working and creative people.
At the source of professional fine art in Mariupol in 1936 was an outstanding artist, a gifted teacher Grigorij Bendrik. Well-known artists Valentin Konstantinov and Lel Kuzminkov were taught by him. Their large-scale monumental works are of different times - from the 50's till today.
  Philosophical works by Anatolij Kalchenko are presented in such series as "Dreams", "Urban Visions". They favour us to think about the time – about the present and future. Works of Tatyana Lysenko touch our soul with their melancholy and lyrics. The beauty of human body we see in the works of Valerij Kramarenko and Vladimir Harakoza. Decorative painting of Sergei Barannik, Alexander Bondarenko and Vadim Lanovoj always fascinates with its bright color. Works of Vasilij Chapni show us artist’s flight of imagination. Fantastic landscapes of Alexander Shpak and Mikhail Gaplevskij are the works with original world view of painters.
   Mariupol will present 200 works in the exhibition. We’ll be glad to see you from 9 February till 5 March, 2012.
   20 years of Mariupol organization’s work is not very long period but great work have been done already!